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10 steps to a healthier heart

There are many ways to make your heart healthier.

Here are our top 10 lifestyle steps to keep your ticker ticking over

Watch your cholesterol

There are lots of ways your pharmacist can help keep you well, including keeping your cholesterol at a healthy level. Here's what you need to know you have too much cholesterol in your blood, it can lead to hardening and narrowing of your blood vessels and is a major risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). 

10 ways to beat stress

An increasing number of people are finding it difficult to cope with the stress of modern living. So here are the International Stress Management Association's top ways to beat it

Only one in 10 people knows their blood pressure numbers

Are you good at remembering numbers? Research published to coincide with the start of Know Your Numbers! Week suggests that 70 percent of adults in the UK can remember five or more different sets of numbers, including things like car registration and national insurance numbers. But when it comes to blood pressure numbers, very few – just one in 10 – knew what theirs were.

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August 31-September 30 Blue September

Throughout September, the Blue September campaign – organised by the Urology Foundation – will be delivering a serious message to men about facing up to cancer.

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September 1-30 Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Organised by the charity CLIC Sargent, this event highlights the impact of cancer and treatment on children young people and their families.