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Many people unaware of out-of-hours GP care

If you had a minor medical emergency and needed to speak to a GP outside surgery hours, would you know what to do? According to a National Audit Office survey, one in five people don’t realise they can call the NHS 111 urgent phone service. The survey also revealed that the number of people using this and other out-of-hours services had fallen by a third during the last six years.

Top tips for summer workouts

There’s nothing like a bout of sunny summer weather to get you in the mood for losing weight and getting in shape. But according to Belfast-based fitness expert Dee McCahill, working out in the heat can be problematic if you’re not prepared.

Easy ways to cut your sugar intake

If you’ve been keeping in touch with the news recently, you’ll no doubt have noticed the warnings on the dangers of eating too much sugar. A draft report by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition suggests people in the UK eat more sugar than is recommended. And eating too much sugar can contribute to excess calorie intake – which, in turn, can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Hay fever symptoms keep children from school

If you experience hay fever, you’ll no doubt be aware how high the pollen count has been throughout much of this month. And now, a new survey – called the British Airborne Allergy Report – has also revealed how debilitating hay fever can really be.

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